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The weather in Croatia

The weather across Croatia  doesn’t vary dramatically from north to south though it is generally warmer towards the south. The climate does change from continental to Mediterranean as you move toward the Adriatic Sea and the equator. The sea has a moderating influence that keeps winters warmer and summers cooler than might be expected.


The weather on Croatian coast

The Dalmatian coast and the offshore islands of the Adriatic are Croatia’s most well known, and most visited, tourist destinations. The Dalmatian Coast is home to a Mediterranean climate that boasts long hot summers and mild winters. Atypical of a Mediterranean climate, rainfall is generally moderate year round towards the north but towards the south it follows the Mediterranean dry summer wet winter pattern to a greater extent.


The most popular time to visit the region, and when the most suitable weather occurs, is during the summer months from June to September. Summers along the coast and in the islands see about 10 to 12 hours of sunshine per day and temperatures nbsp;in the mid to high 20’s, occasionally reaching into the 30’s in the very height of summer. Croatia boasts very low humidity, sitting at about 60%, so even in the scorching sun the heat is bearable; you are also never far from the crystal waters of the Adriatic which you can dive into to cool off.


If you wish to know the weather forecast for a specific date or period of time, click on the photo bellow.




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