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The City of Zadar - Tourist board

 Welcome to the city of Zadar, a city of exceptional history and rich cultural heritage, a city of tourism. This web site will try to offer you a complete tourist offer, from searching for an ideal accommodation, autochthonous gourmand delicacies, cultural monuments, a variety of excursion programs and numerous tourist activities that the city offers by combining the beauty of the past and all the privileges that the modern traveller demands.



Zadar County - Tourist board


The Zadar region occupies the central area of the Adriatic Sea in the south of the Republic of Croatia. Croatia is Central Europe and the Western Balkans, but always a Mediterranean country. 600 kilometres of the Adriatic Sea, a Mediterranean bay penetrating deep into the European mainland has endowed the coast with an indented coastline of 6,500 kilometres.


Zadar is the center of the region, a 3 000-year-old city that was the capital of Dalmatia from the 7th century to the end of the Second World War, from the period of the Byzantines, Franks, Croatian-Hungarians, Venetians, and French and Austrian empires. Zadar can be reached by auto route, air, sea and train.




The City administration of Zadar - Official website


Zadar County administration office - Official website


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